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The Advertico Visitor Management Solution (AVMS) is a simple, cost-effective GDPR compliant solution which empowers your organisation to efficiently manage visitors and contractors entering your building, replacing the paper book with a digital tablet solution.

Our solution offers the flexibility to make it adaptable to a wide range of sectors, including corporate buildings, offices, industrial warehouses, schools, colleges, training centres and any establishment which has a need to track and manage visitors. The solution is customised to meet your specific needs and personalised with your organisation’s branding, giving you a completely unique and bespoke solution.

The future of buildings is touchless

Due to COVID-19, there is a great need to reduce unnecessary touchpoints once occupancy is re-introduced in buildings, in-line with the new Government guidelines. The Advertico Visitor Management Solution (AVMS) will help you do just that with our new COVID-19 contactless QR code scanning feature.

It is a simple 2-way process. The tenant completes a pre-registration form on the cloud portal by entering the relevant visitor details. The visitor then receives an automated email containing a QR code. Upon arrival into the building reception, the visitor simply scans the QR code onto the reader to sign in and sign out, helping to reduce touchpoints and manage the COVID-19 risk in your building.

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Key Benefits:

  • • Quick, simple and user-friendly solution
  • • Customisable interface with the fields required for your organisation
  • • Bespoke personalisation with logos and colours to fit in with your branding
  • • Regular visitors and contractors sign in process made speedier with permanent QR code
  • • Simple cloud-based portal dashboard for reporting
  • • View record of all visitors and contractors showing sign in and out dates and times
  • • Automated email notifications to enhance visitor journey
  • • Multi-tenant pre-booking facility to enable tenants to do their own bookings
  • • Email notification to host upon visitor arrival
  • • Fire evacuation list made easy by using a simple roll-call app
  • • Stylish enclosures come with desk, wall and floor mount options
  • • GDPR compliant solution for your peace of mind

Useful features

Advertico Fire Evacuation

Fire Evacuation App

Manage your Roll Call at the click of a button and provide fire marshals with accurate information in real time. The great thing is that the App also works offline

Advertico Multi Tenant

Multi-tenant Pre Booking

Take pressure off your front of house teams by providing tenants dedicated access to pre-register their visitors from the cloud portal

Visitor Sign in Solution

Badge Printing

Upon visitor or contractor sign in, a self adhesive ID badge is printed with their details. There is also photo capture option if required

Advertico Instant Email Notifications

Instant Email Notifications

Visitors receive automated email notifications once pre-registered. Hosts also receive email notification upon visitor arrival in reception

Advertico Dashboard and reporting

Dashboard & Reporting

View detailed reports of visitor sign in and out times. Filter data using date, visitor, visitor company, host company and host staff. Easily export data into excel and print reports


Key Log Integration

Take control of your key logging process and easily record and track the movement of keys in your building by integrating our simple Key Log Solution into AVMS

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