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Noticeboards and newsletters are a thing of the past

Konnectico is your exclusive white-labelled Web and Mobile app platform which enables people in the workplace to engage, collaborate and build a vibrant online community. Whether you're a building or an office, your tenants and staff members will be empowered to have real-time access to the latest news, events, exclusive offers, services, reminders, alerts, discounts, competitions, polls, surveys and so much more!

Enhance communication, culture and experience

Effective communication within your organisation can help to foster a good working relationship between you, your staff and your occupiers - which can in turn improve the morale, culture and efficiency in your organisation. The Konnectico app and portal solution will help you achieve this by enabling you to circulate key information to staff and tenants within minutes - whether it’s the latest news or a simple security reminder.

The ‘Push’ technology is an easy and innovative way to broadcast messages, reminders and alerts directly to your app users, making it a very effective communication tool. Statistics show that 90% of notifications received on a user’s mobile phone are read within 3 minutes of being sent. The advanced control feature also allows you to filter messages to specific departments or tenants. This means you can send out unlimited reminders and alerts, whether it is blanket coverage to everyone or to a specific target audience – all this at the click of a button.

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Your all-in-one portal and app Solution

The Konnectico solution package comprises of your very own customised and fully branded cloud portal providing users access to all the latest information. There are 2 x personalised mobile apps, both on the iOS and Android platforms. Our simple cloud-based content management software enables you to update content in real time quickly and easily.

Bespoke branding and Personalisation

Our in-house development and design team will work with you closely to ensure the web portal and app interfaces are customised according to your organisation’s branding and logos, providing you with a unique personalised solution.

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Useful features

Advertico Latest News

Latest News

Get instant access to all the latest news and information in your building or office, no matter where you are

Advertico Events & Activities

Events & Activities

Never miss out on any events and activities, whether it’s a regular running club or fitness and Yoga classes – always stay informed

Visitor Sign in Solution

Offers & Promotions

Take advantage of discounts and offers from retailers, concierge services and other local amenities such as gyms and restaurants

Polls & Surveys

Polls & Surveys

Generate valuable feedback through polls and surveys to understand the needs of your clients - at the click of a button

Push Notification & Alerts

Push Notification & Alerts

Send alerts and reminders directly to the app users in a matter of seconds, informing users on key information quickly and easily

Post Comments

Post Comments

Increase collaboration by enabling staff and occupiers to post and reply comments on the latest news, events and special offers

Room & Space Bookings

Room & Space Bookings

Use the room and space bookings module to check availability and book meeting rooms or parking bays directly from the portal

Content Management

Content Management

The simple and easy to use content management software allows you upload new content and images quickly and easily

Tenant Directory

Tenant Directory

Add tenant profiles to the directory for everyone to view and allow engagement and collaboration

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